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Chuck Crowe: On The Wire (press)

Chuck Crowe Knocked Them Dead.... 

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Chuck Crowe kept his audience riveted during his recent featured artist appearance at Primo's Pizza.
Chuck took the stage and ushered in an excellent set of upbeat tunes and thoughtful tunes. His songwriting skills are top notch, and he took the opportunity to try out a couple of new songs for our listening enjoyment. He closed the show with "Nevermind My Mind"; which was the first tune I ever heard him play. It's still my favorite song.
Check out Chuck's music on his myspace site. You'll be glad you did.
Mike Dill - myspace (Feb 5, 2007)
Album Review: Another Nevermore "Chuck Crowe"

Track 1: “Stranger Among Our Old Friends” – Country/Rock opening track takes us on a Jackson Browne-esque ride through beautiful 12-string acoustic guitar rhythms and soaring harmonies made standard by Eagles and Poco types.

Track 2: “That’s Where I’ll Go” – Allows Crowe more freedom to embellish the vocals than on the first track. The mood downshifts, offering a mellower vibe—think self-reflection, as the lyrics suggest. The chorus is pleasantly hooky and the music perfectly polished.

Track 3: “Just Because” – This track employs the more traditional country folk rhythm. The simple lyrics fit snuggly within the bounds of the title while managing a necessary authenticity. Key change on bridge is a nice change and gives this track the kick it needs to make it to the end with fresh energy.

Track 4: “Postscripts” – Relying on a time tested chord progression “Postscripts” motors along with an almost unavoidable Poco influence. A cool song but not Crowe’s most original or best work.

Track 5: “Melancholy Moon” – The instruments, especially the heavy banjo, suggest this track fall under the “folk” category amongst Chuck Crowe’s folk/country/rock label. The lyrics are poetic and sit well over the melancholy melody.

Track 6: “Coattails of the Wind” – The lyrics in this country ballad coupled with the infectious mandolin riff make it a great listening experience.

Track 7: “It’s All Been Done Before” – This upbeat and percussion heavy track adds a refreshing energy to the album and scoots us close (but not into) the realm of Jimmy Buffet and his mix of island/reggae/country. This isn’t the best song on the album but it’s a respectful tip of the cap to Crowe’s diversity.

Track 8: “Wisteria” – This guitar/vocal duo has an emotional simplicity that feels and sounds genuine. Perhaps a bit repetitive for radio but one of the standout tracks on the album to be for sure.

Track 9: “Never Mind My Mind” – Great lyrics and an awesome melody make this track the best fit for radio as well as a great representation of the artist, his phenomenal songwriting, and album as a whole. Great tune.
For the album.

Track 10: “When He Was Loving You” – Similar to “Wisteria” in its simplicity but with a touch more production (strings/piano). The melody fits well with the painfully sobering lyrics.

Track 11: “Should I Walk By Again” – The peppy tone of this track puts it in stark contrast to “When He Was Loving You”. The guest vocals don’t quite match up to the smooth lead we’ve become accustomed to in Chuck Crowe but a nice curveball nonetheless.

Track 12: “I Keep Not Getting Over You” – The delightfully tacky lyrics make this waltzy track a head-bobber and it might even provoke a chuckle or two. Don’t be mislead however, Crowe still manages, as he always does, to drop a few nuggets of wisdom in the mix.

Track 13: “Missing You Blue” – Again, showcases Crowe’s knack for song stories. This track is beautifully produced and finds a harmonious balance between country/alternative. For females.

Track 14: “Don’t Cry” – A quirky throwback tune drawing from a range of influences as early as the 30’s. This tune emphasizes Crowe’s lofty musical repertoire and skill set. Not the best suited song for radio but an interesting track and a fitting choice to end the album.

For the album: “Never Mind My Mind”
For females: “Missing You Blue”
Tony - Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion (May 20, 2011)
Chuck Crowe should hire a singer, a guitarist, and a songwriter the next time he decides to record an album.
Anonymous - TAXI (Aug 12, 2011)