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Chuck Crowe: Crowing (news)

Goin' to Arizona! - May 4, 2005

I stole a gig in Flagstaff a couple of weeks ago. Someone didn't show up to The Campus Coffee Bean so I was able to play in their place! Management liked me well enough to invite me back which I am THRILLED about!! I was also able to talk Bookmans into letting me play! So if you're in Flagstaff in early August you may be able to catch one of my shows. Please see the calendar for details.

Updates!! - May 4, 2005

I've put up a new and improved mix for "That's Where I'll Go" for all those who are interested. I haven't decided if there will be a mix beyond this one yet. But I'd love to hear your feedback! Thanks!!!

The latest thang - April 12, 2005

Effective right now! A brand new look for
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