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Chuck Crowe: Caw-cauphony (songs)

That's Where I'll Go

(Chuck Crowe)
Cindy MIller/BMI, Chuck Crowe/BMI © 2002
From the album 'Another Nevermore'

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That’s Where I’ll Go
© 2002 Cindy Miller (BMI)/Chuck Crowe (BMI)

Where rolling waves and moving tides
Join singing winds and endless skies
Where reflective pools and eternal sands
Calm the hearts and minds of man
That’s where I’ll l go

That’s where I’ll go when I can’t find the words
That’s where I’ll go when my heart really hurts
When I need peace inside my soul
I long for the water and that’s where I’ll go

On a merchant ship or a tiny boat
I’ll set my sails and on I’ll float
Down the river toward the sea
Where life moves on so easily
That’s where I’ll go


Someday I’ll join the Gulf Stream
And let it take me away
We’ll meet at the horizon
Where it’s always another day
That’s where I’ll go

That’s where I’ll go
That’s where I’ll go