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Chuck Crowe/Another Nevermore
A link to my CD at CD Baby
CHUCK CROWE: Another Nevermore

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The Status Crowes 
Ahhh!! My awesome duo!

Never Mind My Mind- Pete Johnson Photography
This is the link to the Vimeo version of the video for "Never Mind My Mind

"Never Mind My Mind- YouTube 
This is the link to the YouTube version of the video for "Never Mind My Mind"

Chuck Crowe on Reverb Nation

Chuck Crowe on Soundclick
This is where I keep my "pro" demos of songs.


Musical Friends:

Michelle Dahlin
Check here for the latest updates from Michelle! Michelle & I often perform together...

My very talented friend Ileana!

Kerry Getz
A wonderful musician and good friend whom I hope you will check out!

Imaginary Friends
Real-life friends who pretend to be imaginary??? Er, well, the music is really good!!

Waymo Music
Mark Keefner's Waymo Music Studios where I am recording my CD. I recommend it 100%!!

Music Organizations:

Just Plain Folks
Songwriter networking at all levels.

My P.R.O.!

I am a member. Hopefully someday a recipient too...

Songwriter vehicle


John Pearse Strings/Breezy Ridge Musical Instruments
Makers of fine strings and musical products. Long-time supporters and genuinely good people! Please check them out!!!

Maker of Bluetooth pedals perfect for use with the OnSong app! Get yours here: 

G7th Capos
Steadfast Chuck Crowe supporters and makers of the G7th capos. Fine folks to boot!

L.R. Baggs
Excellent pickup manufacturer! They make other gadgets too. I can't speak highly enough of these folks.

The ULTIMATE gigging musicians app. Keep all your music on your iPad and throw away your 300 pound notebooks!

GHS Rocktron
Makers of strings, amps, effects, and dozens of other cool goodies! GHS has been behind me for a very long time and I thank them for that!

Fusion Gig Bags
Makers of superior gig bags for all kinds of things. I've toured with my Fusion bags and they rock!

Deering Banjos
Long time Chuck Crowe supporter- Deering Banjos!


WGOE Radio in Virginia is playing songs from "Another Nevermore"!


Video & Photography:

Pete Johnson
Director of Photography, Photographer, Cinematographer... He was instrumental in getting the "Never Mind My Mind" video together. Check out his awesome work!



Upcoming shows:

  • Feb 20
    Desert Springs Ranch- RV Resort,  Casa Grande
  • Feb 22
    Rosie McCaffrey's Irish Pub & Restaurant,  Phoenix
  • Feb 28
    Gallagher's- Baseline,  Phoenix


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